Interpreting the Law of Attraction


There’s been a lot of talk about this thing called the Law of Attraction, but most of us can’t or will not believe in it because there is a part of us doesn’t know how this concept works. Well according to the Kamta philosophy, we are divine beings made in the image of God, and our spirit which consists of nine divisions, for simplicity purposes can be divided into three parts called the ba (superconscious mind or divine spark), ab (conscious mind or soul) and a sahu (subconscious mind or earthly conscious), which are not separate from each other but different parts that contribute to the functioning of our whole being.

Very briefly, the ba or our divine spark is the part that connects us intimately with God.  It is the mysterious and unknowable part that protects and guides us by providing us with intuitive thoughts.  It is through the ba that we are able to express our divinity.

The sahu also called our physical body consciousness is responsible for our physical survival.  The sahu therefore governs all of our autonomous functions (regulating blood flow, digestion of our food, etc.) and all of our memories. It is because of our sahu we know not to put our hand over a fire too long because if so, we will be burned.

The ab is our soul also called our spiritual heart, and the ab is responsible for helping us to make choices and decision based upon reasoning.  It therefore, is the captain of our being that decided what we should do and making decisions on what we want to do simply by focusing on a single objective.

So, how the three parts work is for instance, say you get a thought to go to school. Well, after carefully thinking about it, using your ab you make a decision to go to school because you want to earn a degree. You know that you have to pay for your education, and you are unsure how, but you stay focused on the whole idea of you attending school and earning your degree. During that time, you just so happen to hear about financial aid programs and scholarships that you apply for and later you receive to help you to go to school, which is due to your ba. All that’s left for you to do now is to start attending classes so you can learn the material and earn your degree using your sahu. 

The process sounds very familiar because we have all applied it for accomplishing any goal and achieving any objective. If you have ever been successful in anything, it was because you followed the same process.

Problems arise mainly when using our ab we focus on negative, destructive or undesired ideas and thoughts, because both the ba and sahu interpret these ideas and thoughts received from our ab as commands to make whatever the boss (our ab) says a physical reality.  Remember, it is not the ba and sahu’s responsibility to make decisions. That charge goes to our ab.

So, have you ever found yourself saying, “Man, I hope I don’t get sick” and you get sick, or. “I wish this person just leave me alone” and they continue to pester you?  It is because you are using your ab to focus on what you don’t want, which is understood by your ba and sahu as an event that needs to occur in order to avoid what you want. 

Yes, both the ba and sahu are extremely logical. They don’t read between the lines

Of course, no one walks around every day choosing to see life as a horrible experience, but whenever a negative experience occurs and sahu keeps reminding us about it. This forces the subject to stay on or in our ab (spiritual heart), thus resulting in us creating a negative physical experience.  This is why Code 3# of the Maa states, “Maa is Harmony & Becomes What Attention is Focused On,” because if we don’t take responsibility for our own salvation and allow ourselves to focus our ab on any wayward thought that enters into our awareness.  We basically author or become the boss of our own demise. 

So stop focusing on all those negative things occurring in your life. Stop allowing the news, negative reports, conspiracy theories, etc. to rest in your spiritual heart and physically manifests itself in your life. Stop worrying about what might happen.  Stop giving these things that you don’t want to occur in your life power.

Now, right about this time, that’s when someone says by not focusing or ignoring negative reports that you are being insensitive or that you are disconnected from reality.  And, guess what? That’s the whole point. You want to be disconnected from the physical reality and connected to your divinity because that’s where your solutions come from.

You can’t fix a problem by worrying about it. All worrying does, is create more anxiety, fear and worry.  The more you talk about a problem, the bigger the problem becomes because you are giving power to the problem. If you want to fix a problem, you simply use your ab to focus on a solution.

Decide now to turn your life around and start focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want to occur in your life and enjoy the life change.