What is the Maa Aankh?

When the Africans were brought to the Americas, three types of initiation systems were transported to the “New World” along with them. The first was the formal birth and rebirth system where one devotes their life to serving a particular loa or orisha.  The second initiation system is the formal presentation where one is presented to a particular nkisi, and. The third is the death and rebirth initiation system, where one makes an informal oath to God, spirit, saint, etc. to live their life a particular way.

Each of these initiation systems yielded great rewards because in exchange for an ascetic life, the initiates received a host of spiritual blessings, peace of mind, along with a plethora of mystical knowledge. In addition, many initiates were able to foresee the future, perform healings and become in many ways, a great spiritual asset to their respective communities.

The first two initiation systems managed to survive and flourish in the Caribbean and Latin America, while, in the United States, African Americans loosely followed the third, the death and rebirth initiation system informally.

This can be seen throughout African American history. For example, an analysis of the lives of all of the great African American heroes and heroines like Sojourner Truth and Malcolm X reveals that they underwent an informal death and rebirth initiation system where they both faced extremely difficult odds that were outside of their control, which would have led to their eminent death.  Until some miraculous or unexplainable event occurred that saved them from their ultimate demise and forever altered their destiny.

The death and rebirth initiation system was how many acquired spiritual prowess, which they interpreted as a Calling to serve God, but in recent years because spirituality has become big business.  This initiation system has become all but extinct because the African philosophy and theology behind the system was lost.  Fortunately, archeological artifacts about the first Africans brought to North America reveals that they relied upon the Kongo Cross as their philosophical and metaphysical guide.  

The Kongo Cross also called the dikenga dia Kongo or tendwa kia nza-n' Kongo, according to the late Kongo scholar Dr.  Kimbwandènde Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau, the Kongo Cross permeated every aspect of the Kongo peoples way of life.  The general understanding of the Kongo Cross was that our universe was composed of two lands – the land of the living where people resided and the land of the dead where the ancestors resided. Surrounding these two lands are the four moments of the sun, which also marks the evolution of our soul – sunrise/birth, midday/life, sunset/death and midnight/rebirth. Thereby indicating that when an individual begins to have a host of obstacles and problems leading to their demise, it means that their sun is setting (and in extreme cases possibly their life will end due to the destructive activities they are engage in), if they do not discover the mysterious secrets of rebirth. In order to learn the secrets of rebirth, one has to metaphorically like the midnight sun, travel to the other side and acquire supernatural knowledge in order to reborn.

It is in the moment of rebirth that one is transformed because they consciously decide to sacrifice the thing (whether it be alcohol, drugs, food, destructive habitual behavior, egotistical traits such as arrogance or selfishness, etc.) that has brought them metaphorically speaking to Death’s door, because they have been shown the errors of their ways. However, the philosophical process of journeying to the rebirth moment was lost due to slavery. Thankfully, a similar initiation system was preserved in Kamit (ancient Egypt) through the ancient Ra and Osarian (Osiris) tradition. By syncretizing the Kongo Cross with the Kamitic concepts and principles, the bridge destroyed by slavery and time, was rebuilt and gave rise to the Maa Aankh cosmogram.

 Now you can take responsibility for your own salvation and reconnect back to your ancestral way using the Maa Aankh as your guide.