Why Do Our Prayers Go Unanswered? 

We live in a universe composed of two realities and they are the spiritual and physical realm, which is also called the hidden and visible world. However, in the society we dwell in, a strong emphasis is usually placed on the physical realm only. We are therefore coaxed into believing that anything that we want, all we need to do is physically work for it and we will get it.  This as most of us have realized now, is not how our universe works because you can’t physically get or force love, peace, happiness, prosperity and success. The reason you can’t forcefully acquire these “things” is because they are all ethereal concepts. This is the reason money, a relationship, a job, etc. can never make a person happy. And the harder we physically work at trying to get physical things to bring us love, peace, happiness, prosperity, health and success, the harder it becomes to acquire them.

In order to get love, peace, happiness, success, good health, prosperity, etc. we have to acquire these ethereal attributes by using ethereal means. The way this is accomplished is by realizing that since our universe is composed of two realities, we being a product of the universe have within us a dual nature as well, which is our subconscious (lower self or what the ancient Egyptians referred to as the sahu) and a superconscious mind (Higher Self/ Ba or what the ancient Egyptians called the Ba). Human beings however, are also unique because we have been created with a conscious mind (that the ancient Egyptians called a spiritual heart or Ab/hence the human soul), which gives us the ability to focus and choose which mind (higher/Ba or lower/sahu) to follow.

Now, The subconscious mind (our lower self or sahu) is also known as the habitual part of our being because it governs all of our everyday habitual functions including the regulation of cells, digestion of food and other biological processes that occur without us thinking or telling it to do so. Everything that you are in the habit of doing (both the good and bad) are governed by your subconscious or lower self/ sahu.  The subconscious or lower self/sahu is busy, active and always functioning.  While the superconscious mind (our Higher Self or Ba) is the intuitive and omnipotent part of our being that is referred to as the Divine Spark. Our superconscious mind (or Higher Self/ Ba) unlike the subconscious mind is quiet, calm, collective, patient and peaceful. What this means is that when we pray, we have to get into the quiet, calm, collective, patient and peaceful mind state of our superconscious or our Higher Self/ Ba, which is where our Divine Spark resides.

When most people pray they consciously focus on their lower self, or the habitual mind state. They do this by worrying if their prayer is going to be answered. They have all sorts of other anxieties on their mind because they are too busy focusing on the everyday, habitual activities in their life. They want a solution now, quick fast and in a hurry because they don't have any patience. They pray asking for a solution to whatever ails them but they can’t literally and metaphorically sit still long enough to receive an answer. This is like asking a wise man or woman for a solution to your problems but telling the sage what you think you should do even though you don’t actually know the solution yourself.

When we compare this to the Maa Aankh cosmogram we see that the reason a solution can not be obtained in our normal habitual mindset is because our awareness is extroverted.  When we can't get our prayers answered, life is chaotic and full of confusion, which is the reason the ancient sages labeled this chaotic mind state Set (Set-an or Satan). 

In order to get your prayers answered you have to have faith in the Divine Intelligence dwelling within you, whom the ancient Egyptians called Osar (Greek Osiris). 

So what do we have to do? Well, Albert Einstein said it best and I am paraphrasing, "You can't get solutions to your problems using the same thinking that created them." 

In other words, in order to get your prayers answered you have to get into a different mindset, To put it plainly, you need to get into your superconscious or Higher Mind state. This mind state is completely opposite of our habitual subconscious mind state.  This means when you get into the higher mind state it is going to appear and feel different, strange and even weird because you are literally and metaphorically speaking “thinking outside the (subconscious) box.” This is why inventors like Thomas Edison developed the peculiar practice of deliberately taking a nap whenever he needed to solve a problem. 

Although the Higher Mind state can be deliberately created through such practices as meditation, lighting a candle and performing a ritual, we enter this higher mind state naturally whenever we fall, or awake from a good sleep (called twilight phase not the movie) and whenever we take relaxing showers. This is the reason some of our best ideas and solutions come to us while taking a shower or doing some other task like washing dishes, mowing the lawn, etc., where we allow our mind to wander aimlessly throughout our superconscious (Higher Self/ Ba).

So, if you want to get your prayers answered, you don’t have to beg and plead for help.  All you need to do is try affirming your prayer while in the peaceful and relaxed higher mind state like while falling asleep or upon waking up. For instance, when I am lying in the bed and falling asleep, I routinely say the following prayer “Thank you for perfect health.” Usually after repeating this prayer the next morning I feel great. The interesting thing is that sometimes, when I don’t affirm this prayer for a few days, I may feel a bit of a pain or a cold coming on.  After repeating this simple little prayer a few times, the pain seems to go away because I changed my focus.  The reason why it works is because I trust the omnipotence and omniscience of my superconscious mind or Higher Self/ Ba to heal whatever ails my body and the Divine Spark does just that.

This technique can be adapted to accomplish other personal feats as well. All you need to do is trust that your superconscious or Higher Self/ Ba knows and affirm that it will provide you with a solution. By trust I mean tell it, “Thank you for (fill in the blank)” Don’t worry how it will be done or how the solution will come to you because this will catapult your focus back to your lower, habitual, subconscious self. Simply trust the process. Trust the Divine Spark (Ba) within you and have fun exploring God from within.