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 What Is the Maa Aankh?


 What Does It Means to be the Hru (Hero)?

What is it despite all of the odds, facts, pros and cons that makes us act on hope? Read more



Interpreting the Law of Attraction

There’s been a lot of talk about this thing called the Law of Attraction, but most of us can’t or will not believe in it because there is a part of us doesn’t know how this concept works. Read more


 What's the Difference 
Between the Shaman and the Preacher?

Every preacher, priest or priestess, teacher, counselor, healer, psychic, herbalist, diviner, etc. is a shaman. How is that possible? What’s the difference between the two... Read more

Why Do Our Prayers Go Unanswered? 

Have you ever prayed for something you really wanted but the prayer was unanswered? Have you given up on prayer or think that prayer just doesn't work? Well, using Kamitic science you can discover what you have been missing and what to do to get your prayers answered. Click here to learn more