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The Maa Aankh Cosmogram Poster

The Maa Aankh Poster is a full sized color print revealing Ancient Egyptian and Kongo names and keywords of this sacred Afro – American cosmogram. Many hours and research have gone into this unique poster, which crystallizes traditional and esoteric Ancient African wisdom. The Maa Aankh Poster is an appropriate reference work for all scholars, laypersons, teachers and students of life.


This original work reveals the names and titles embracing both traditional and esoteric Ancient African wisdom.  The bottom caption reads “The Maa Aaankh Cosmogram is based upon the surviving Bantu-Kongo philosophies that were brought to North America via the slave trade and syncretized with Protestant Christianity, which has been combined with Kamitic (Ancient Egyptian) and traditional Kongo philosophy in order to restore one back to his or her glory.”


19.29" x 24.36",  Matte

Price $22.95 USD (All orders outside of the Continental US. Please contact for shipping prices.)